Tchagata Games is a game design collective of five persons located in the area of Lausanne, Switzerland. We are dedicated to the exploration of gaming, in whatever form of support (video games, card games, board games, etc). We value dedication to imagination, spontaneity and madness.

Tchagata Games est un collectif de conception de jeux de cinq personnes localisé dans la région de Lausanne, Suisse. Nous vouons notre activité à l’exploration du jeu, quelque soit la forme de son support (jeu vidéo, jeu de cartes, jeu de plateau, etc). Nous valorisons la dévotion à l’imagination, la spontanéité et la folie.


Released Games

In Development

  • Stress Busters
    Stress Busters
    Slap-on-Mobile Stress Reliever
  • Dogmattack!
    Jeu de cartes mettant en scène différentes divinités de l’histoire humaine
  • BoneReaders
    A two-player board game of bluff, wit and hard decisions.
  • Kiss’Em App !?
    Kiss’Em App !?
    Libertine Transmedia Card Game. Smack-ing the Whole Wide World with your Sweet Kisses


We are the Tchagata Collective

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Our good friend at Digital Kingdom just released Vote for Me on Android and iOS. “Vote For Me” is an ironic and compact summary of the political world according to Digital Kingdom, adapted for mobile gaming: "Are you a Democrat or a Republican ? Choose your party. Travel around the States and pop up in all electoral offices to gather more votes. Get famous friends, buy private funds or super PAC. Raise your campaign, cheat the election and rule the world."
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Maison Kanraku: The Second Climax
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