Project Description

We have a message from another time,
A time when slaps would fall on cheeks
like cherry blossoms in spring,
A time when wrists would never rest,
Never, never, never rest,
when the pulsing red of palms inspired
artists to draw burning fields of slap-fest
The Holy SlapoLow Tournament:
A place to designate the slap among slaps.

YOU have been chosen,
Have the complains stop,
Have the haters fly,
Release the power of your slap,
The world is waiting.

With Stress Busters we tried to:

  • Reproduce the arcade experience of Chô Chabudai-Gaeshi on a mobile device
  • Channel our love for the Versus Fighting genre through a simple and jam-makeable gameplay
  • Reminisce on how we slapped Kohran in Sakura Taisen 2
  • Slap the World
Project Details
  • Dev Status:
    • Get the original GameJam APK for Google Android here.