Project Description

Tchagata Games is a sponsor of the Global Game Jam Swiss-French (Romandie) location.

As it takes place in various swiss castles, some call it “The Swiss Castle Jam”.

A Game Jam is a creative challenge for people interested in game creation. Originally dedicated to video games, the game jams can also include board or card games. The participants form teams and must create a game prototype as complete as possible (meaning playable) in a very short time (a few hours or a few days).

The Global Game Jam is a special game jam since it gathers thousands of participants around the world in dedicated locations (art schools, computer schools, non-profit organizations, etc). Everybody works on the same theme in the course of a weekend.

A Global Game Jam edition starts on Friday at 17:00 (local time) and end 48 hours later. The theme is revealed at the last minute, starting from the Pacific time zones. Every participant jams under the same rules and every team must submit its prototype on the official website Sunday at 15:00 (local time). Prototypes can then be tested and evaluated by the whole world.

Results of previous Swiss Castle Jam @ Global Game Jam:

2014 (five projets2015 (thirteen projects2016 (fifteen projects2017 (twenty projects)

For more infos check out the official website of the event